Friday, November 09, 2007

Have a Holly Jolly Weekend

I know we haven't even got through Thanksgiving yet, but Sarah's got her stockings already hung by the chimney with care and Marilyn is swinging to Christmas music, so it only makes sense that with mistletoe on the brain, I should give you my early Christmas love: Method Hollyberry. Remember the Gap's awesome candle and potpourri "Holiday"--my favorite scent of all time--well, this is the same, in soap form. I got the dishsoap and counter spray (still have hand soap from last year) and let me just emphasize how a good smell takes the chore out of doing dishes! I actually look forward to wiping off my counters. I got mine at Target.

Our house is going on the market on Monday--wish us luck as we "tidy up the nursery" (if only Mary Poppins was here this weekend--will post pictures soon....).


Marilyn said...

Whitney, where can I find that Holiday scent potpourri, I think I love that stuff.

Whitney said...

Marilyn--wasn't that potpourri the BEST? Unfortunately, they quit making it a few years ago, but they still make the candle. I'm not sure it's still called "Holiday" though. This stuff comes close!